Neck Pain – Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

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What are some of the causes of neck pain?

There are many causes of neck pain – especially in today’s society. Every day, patients experience things from car accidents to micro-traumas that occur at their desk. We see a lot of patients with exercise injuries, work injuries, and prolonged micro-trauma.

In our clinic we like to focus on four main causes of neck pain.

The first is trauma. Many times we see patients that have some form of an accident ranging from auto accidents to exercise accidents. These patients often have injured tissue and inflammation occurs in the area of pain.

The second cause that we see for neck pain usually results from tension within the upper trapezius muscles or tightness. This is the proverbial, “I carry my stress in my shoulders” presentation.

Two causes of neck pain that are less thought of stem from chemical stress and emotional stress. With emotional stress there are many times throughout a patient’s life or we will experience high stressful situations, which will cause our bodies to change our natural physiology to a more sympathetically dominant state. This same change in physiology can also occur while under chemical stress (these chemical stressors include drugs, medications, changes in diet, and much more). The easiest way to find out the cause of your neck pain is to consult a chiropractor that cannot only properly diagnose the problem but also work with you on a comprehensive solution.

What are some of the symptoms that can occur with neck pain?

There are many symptoms that traditionally accompany neck pain. These symptoms range anywhere from tight upper trapezius muscles to headaches and changes in vision. The most typical pain presentations for neck pain are either a dull achy pain with a gradual onset for a sudden sharp pain, usually after some form of trauma.

What are the traditional treatments for neck pain?

The standard treatment for short-term neck pain usually revolves around the use of NSAIDs or acetaminophen. With respect to NSAIDs most people know these by their commercial names Advil or Motrin. While acetaminophen is better known as Tylenol.

What treatments do you offer patients struggling with neck pain?

When it comes to treating neck pain the overall treatment plan depends on the mechanism of injury and the time that the patient has been experiencing the symptom. We usually start with adjustments along with muscle re-education to make sure that the pain not only decreases, but it remains symptom-free for a long time. We also utilize different therapies such as therapeutic exercises, electrical stimulation, and Kinesio-taping

What advice would you give someone suffering with neck pain?

Prior to beginning chiropractic care, the best advice would be to utilize a daily stretching routine while monitoring the ergonomics of your workstation. With respect to decreasing your neck pain, a long-term chiropractic care solution can provide wonderful results.

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