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Chiropractic and Massage: The Sensible Combination

I have heard some controversy on these two services being combined or whether they should be completely separate. My feeling on the subject is, these two should absolutely be combined. Whether the order of the two services is massage then chiropractic or chiropractic then massage, they work fantastic together. This, however, is not a common feeling among all massage therapists and chiropractors.

First of all, let’s look at chiropractic care; this is generally focused on the overall structure of the human body. A chiropractor is going to look at the body as a whole, but is going to focus on the musculoskeletal and nervous systems. When I say musculoskeletal, I mean generally the system that provides form, support, stability and overall movement of the body. If these two systems are not harmonious then that’s when a certain disorder could be going on inside the body, which in turn will cause discomfort to the patient.

In order to correct these types of disorders, a chiropractor will in turn perform “spinal manipulation” or a more common term “chiropractic adjustment.” This adjustment is going to restore the mobility of the joints where movement has become restricted. This affects not only affecting the bone structure, but also the muscles and ligaments of that particular joint.

Massage is generally focused on the muscles and ligaments of the human body. A massage therapist is going to look at the body as a whole, just like a chiropractor, but is going to focus on the muscular functioning of the body. The massage therapist is going to ask you questions in regards to movement issues in that particular trouble area or joint that brought you in for the massage.

Once on the massage table, the therapist is going to begin evaluating your muscular structure and begins kneading the muscles using simply their hands as their tools. This is going to begin to increase the blood flow to those muscles being worked; specifically the tighter areas that have had less blood flow due to tension.

Muscle fibers become shortened as tension grows, which is what a massage therapist is going to take care of, essentially they are loosening up and lengthening the muscle fibers in order to decrease the tension. This, in turn decreases the pain patients feel.

When you combine chiropractic and massage care, the end result is harmonious for an individual’s body and the way they feel. Whether you get a massage before the adjustment or after is going to be determined on an individual basis, depending on what each person’s body is going to need.

In order for the adjustment with your chiropractor to go smoothly, your muscles have to be loose enough for your structure to be manipulated. In turn, for the massage results to remain with you, your structure has to be aligned. The two work together so well that it amazes me this is still a debate whether they should be a combined service or not. The result speaks for itself and is usually clear after one session.

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